Can use nternet plus the success rate of entrepreneurship to solve the problem

coincided with the occasion of the convening of the world Internet Conference, the community began to increase the emphasis on the development of the internet. Double activities achievements have proved that the Internet business fully reduced the threshold for entrepreneurship, whether it can break the Internet business success rate of entrepreneurship spell?

in the current context of entrepreneurship, the advocacy of popular innovation, with the Internet platform, has emerged to assist entrepreneurs to improve the success rate of various attempts, government, enterprises and related institutions, has the responsibility and obligation to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, help the majority of entrepreneurs, leading to success.

Deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission

is being held at the World Conference of the Internet "star studded", Ali Ma, Tencent Ma Huateng, Robin Li of Baidu and other Internet giants gathered in Wuzhen. However, the success of a small number of people, can not conceal the fact that most entrepreneurs fail. There is a popular saying that the probability of success from the start of the world is less than 5%, while the final success of the listed companies or less than 1% of the acquirer. The existing statistical data also shows that the cruelty of the same subject, innovation and entrepreneurship in China is transforming from the workers and peasants to college students, the Chinese entrepreneurial success rate is only 2.4%, the success rate is far below 5% success rate "curse".

of course, failure case observation of entrepreneurship, which can be found in the number of entrepreneurs is more focused on the accumulation of social experience, some of the difficulties encountered in the "wanpiao" mentality will give up halfway, therefore, in the recommended

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