The ten big cake franchise brand

knows that in recent years China baking a good market economy, the annual growth rate remained at around 30%, in such a development boom, belongs to a branch of the baking industry in the cake shop also has a good developing prospect. In such a situation, many entrepreneurs want to take advantage of this investment boom set up shop. However, from a long-term perspective, the investment brand cake shop is the best choice to join the cake shop not only eliminates the difficulty of starting their own businesses, but also to avoid some of the risks arising from lack of experience. But the cake shop to join a large number of brands, in the end which is appropriate? Xiaobian today to introduce.

ten big cake house brand introduction

1, European Wind sweet

Europe wind wheat sweet is Guangzhou Europe Wheat Group brands, mainly to provide bread, pastry, cakes, drinks and other comprehensive franchise projects since 1995 in Guangzhou, constantly updated and exploration, the classical German cuisine into the China market, European style wheat sweet also constantly improve the service to join, setting up training center the franchisee of Professor, ensure each franchisee can grasp the cake shop in technology and management, real society management. European Wind sweet sweet cake shop to join 20 years, in the same industry has a strong competitive edge, but also consumers trust the brand.

2, Dole’s day

day music is "hand crafted, healthy and delicious, trustworthy, classic European style" as the core of the brand chain of bakery brands. Dole’s day in French meaning "every day" means every day to provide fresh bread for customers.

3, 85 degrees c

85 degrees C the main product for the cake bread and drinks, the taste continues to introduce new, in order to meet the customer’s critical taste buds, customers have a good taste experience.

4, black swan

black swans cake is launched domestic baking enterprise Holiland group top cake brand, also known as the "Holiland group effort to build the top Chinese cake". Refined and beautiful to impress people.



"Maiyou bakery" brand products from Hongkong, both in Europe and into the oriental characteristics, consumption habits, the bread tastes really taste for the mainland.

6, 21cake

21cake is a stylish cake brand, because the original brand classic 21 cakes have been >

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