Entrepreneurs should be aware of what problems should open a computer shop

with the rapid development of the Internet, the computer has now spread to every household. Market demand for computers is increasing, which contains a lot of business opportunities. If you open a computer shop, this is certainly a good business opportunities. But open the computer shop, we need to pay attention to some problems, the only way to smooth business.

the franchise system of total turnover last year the growth rate of about? Average franchise turnover growth rate of about? Of the franchise system operating performance indicators should ask, if the headquarter would not provide the information, should also try to learn some numbers from some ratio, but also the future of these figures you can use the shop.

the franchise system is what form?   local, regional, national and international. Local refers to the store opened more concentrated in the area of a few 1~2 county city; regional refers to focus on the north, central, South, east of the 1~2 region, the operating experience of the headquarters will vary with its shape.

for want how many hours of work per week (ten hours per day to estimate) have become the best? The franchisee stores full-time staff’s psychological preparation, will increase the chances of success. In addition, the franchisee must also seek the support of family members (especially spouses), not only have a common life center of each other, but also to enhance family relationships and experience inheritance.


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