A cigarette and liquor vendor beware of being

in addition to a variety of business products in a flagrant way of cheating, also need to pay attention to will be. Because of this, a cigarette and liquor vendor although money, but many bosses have encountered tobacco were making things. Did not make the business was also changed into a fake, it is worth guarding ah. We have to explain in detail how to prevent tobacco switch, do not be a legitimate business, bad.

cigarettes on the counter are sent to the tobacco companies, how would you say that fake on it?" My face, cigarettes, some retailers remain perplexed despite much thought, shouted wronged. Is it false smoke tobacco companies did, of course not, smoke is to be switching.

recently, the phenomenon of a renewed cigarette. After the potential, and "switching" means has been refurbished, the occurrence of cases impossible to guard against, the switch, called "Su cigarette smoke", "Nanjing boutique", "tribute", "Chinese" and several other brands, is the cigarette there is also a zero packet switch, the location of the city’s streets, were making the store size have been switched, who are mainly prevention awareness and ability is relatively poor, elderly women or minors.

the following is a recent event analysis:


one, the time is 7 am in the morning, the place is a park road, a retail store. A Shuyang accent of young people came to the store, and asked the owner of any Su smoke, the shopkeeper said, and put a cigarette to sue to people, who gave the shopkeeper one hundred yuan denomination RMB five, the immediate attention to the observation of the truth of the money was to ask how much it is the price of tobacco, the shopkeeper said is 460 yuan each, to only 430 yuan, the owner does not agree, then the owner to pay back the money, people still smoke (the smoke has not smoke). And others go, the owner of the psychological doubts, the tobacco to tobacco inspection bureau, smoke false.

two, the time is at six pm, location is a happy road store. To a handsome youth speaks in Western dress and leather shoes, Yancheng Mandarin accent, ask the boss to take six bag boutique Nanjing cigarette to entertain guests, the boss will smoke on the counter, the guests gave the boss two hundred yuan note, the boss to go back and change (at this time, the smoke has been replaced), another young people hurried in to say, the guests did not come, I can come here first guests feel shy of the boss said, the smoke does not buy the other guests.

three, the time is late at about eight, the place is a bridge road shop. A person to buy smoke, pointing to a tribute to buy five packets of cigarettes said, at the same time to the two hundred piece of money, the waiter when change (smoke has been changed, the guests said no tribute), a boutique in Nanjing, the waiter put five bags of smoke five packs will recover the tribute, boutique Nanjing and handed over one hundred yuan to people.

four, the time is six thirty in the morning, is located in Linshu road. The guest.

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