Gu Jianhua personalized service to customer at best

if the customer in your store and enjoy the best service, you have what reason not to visit this shop? Because of this, if we want to run a hot shop, why not give customers a more best service? Gu Jianhua is precisely because of a profound understanding of this, but also has been to provide customers with such a service, which is deeply loved by customers, the store business is extremely popular.

as we all know, different people have different personalities. Different personalities can lead to different behaviors. The same service, the same service language and service attitude will give different customers to leave a different impression, will bring different results, some customers may be very satisfied, some customers may not be satisfied. To this end, if you can serve the customer, do a good job of people, personalized service, will make more customer satisfaction, of course, will bring more sales results.

in order to let every customer come to my shop are able to pay great attention to people, my clever. In the time of knowledge, not only pay attention to according to age, sex to judge, but also pay attention to according to the language characteristics of people, dress and preferences to judge. However, adhere to the three principles in judging: don’t ask don’t judge people by their appearance; customer privacy; do not argue with the customer.

to provide customers with personalized service, adhere to the three criteria of satisfaction, that is, customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction with the goods; customer satisfaction needs. After the three satisfaction in customer service standards, I can request strictly oneself, be vigilant mentality, be flexible to act one act, customer satisfaction has been very high, it is also relatively prosperous business.

remember once, to a male customer, poorly dressed, bearded, he angrily asked me how to sell Wuliangye, although its Yishanbuzheng, momentum Xiongxiong, but I did not judge but very politely say the price, and handed him a cigarette. Did not expect this customer smile smile is also sub. It turned out that he was just in front of a shop, the owner to see his clothes, his attitude is very cold, he did not play a gas, immediately out of the shop door.

later, through the exchange, the customer is a rural labor contractor, today just at home to engage in demolition of the building, to a city friend, did not have time to change clothes, go out to buy a bottle of Wuliangye entertain friends. Unexpectedly, on the other side of the owner saw a low, so the mood is very depressed. And into my shop, my service but let him unexpected. After buying the drink, the customer asked me to call, said: "brother, we can make a friend, later to buy things, I’ll go to your store to buy."

no matter what kind of service they can provide, but if the customer does not come home, such a business is undoubtedly more unpopular hot

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