Hot boss to do the transformation of the electricity supplier business should be able to toss

start the way a lot of people, some entrepreneurs, always adhere to the "idea" in a field of entrepreneurship, some entrepreneurs are willing to toss, of course also need to master certain skills, meet the eye everywhere cases of failure, and the man will toss a success.

Xiaoya, people call Horse Camp ten members, Han Yu technology founder Chen Jifang. She is a business veteran, a dozen years ago came to Yiwu to sell spicy business, toss a few back until 2009 to enter the field of electricity providers and stick to.

2015 in August 29th, Chen Jifang announced that the maternal mobile business platform "OMG" s, venture capital and get lava northeast socks two a total of 50 million yuan A round of investment. This result has broken the record of the highest single amount of electricity supplier in Yiwu.

"OMG" is the Han Yu technology mobile project, July 5th officially launched, at present, has included, Langsha mouth monkey and other well-known brands made from design to sales of the whole process, the whole channel electricity supplier "trust" business.

Suqian Chuang Yiwu

the store also let her gain a life pot of gold. Remove all expenses, "his wife" a year’s profit is not low. For a young girl who has just stepped into society, success is light and sudden.

2003, Chen Jifang and cousin partnership investment of nearly 2 million yuan, in Yiwu Binwang business district rented a 600 square area, opened a theme restaurant. The young and the market do not understand, and the lack of management experience, Chen Jifang restaurant only lasted less than a year time. Two years later, Chen Jifang was forced to recommend

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