How important is the highlight of international commercial exhibition

is now hosting a number of commercial exhibitions all over the country, and some of them have some international exhibitions, so how should we organize them in the future? Let’s take a look at it.

A), most of the exhibition center will provide manufacturers ceiling spotlight Jie, otherwise it can be rented portable lighting system. According to industry survey, lighting can enhance the awareness of the exhibits 30% to 50%.

two), the establishment of the theme of the exhibition booth. Large enterprises are usually in the traditional way of exhibition, and rely on large-scale venues, small businesses can be innovative design to highlight.

three), according to the booth size selection of appropriate size display products and the products, to avoid over crowded or empty.

four), good use of combined exhibition equipment, avoid using the seemingly cheap cloth covering the table.

five), as time, regular exhibition, display a single or two products.

six), selection of small and large images, create a strong visual effect. Too dense or too small pictures are not easy to read, while limiting the use of text.

seven), will be placed in the picture above the line, pictures should be from 36 inches above the wall started to place.

eight), the use of bold and eye-catching colors, can emerge from a distance, avoid into the background neutral color

nine), the establishment of complete service booth, instead of a buffet. The manual, gifts and samples placed in the table after taking visitors to take off, not only can not achieve the interaction, nor the purpose of the exhibition.

to successfully do some commercial exhibition, need timely advance planning, a good plan can be successfully held the International Convention and exhibition some details and recommended

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