USS Texas completes submarine rescue exercise with URC

first_img Photo: USS Texas (SSN 775) sits surfaced in the Southeast Alaska Acoustic Measurement Facility (SEAFAC) Static Site. Photo: US Navy View post tag: US Navy US Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command (URC) teamed up with Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Texas (SSN 775) for a four-day submarine rescue exercise in late October at the Navy’s Southeast Alaska Acoustic Measurement Facility (SEAFAC) off the coast of Ketchikan.“The exercise demonstrated the Navy’s ability to conduct an underwater rescue of a submerged submarine in an unfamiliar environment,” said Cmdr. Michael Eberlein, commanding officer of URC. “Additionally, this shows the Navy’s ability to render aid to distressed submariners from any nation that requests our assistance.”The exercise consisted of three phases. The first took place in Anacortes, Washington, where URC completed a timed mobilization of the Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS) aboard the Military Sealift Command-chartered merchant vessel HOS Dominator. SRDRS consists of the Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM) and associated control and support systems. The PRM is a remotely operated submarine rescue vehicle capable of diving to depths of 2,000 feet and mating with a disabled submarine to rescue up to 16 personnel at a time.The second phase was the rescue portion in which the PRM completed an open-hatch mating with Texas submerged in the SEAFAC Static Site.“The crew’s performance was exceptional – they demonstrated not only their ability to rapidly mobilize the system but also their readiness to respond to the unexpected challenges of a submarine rescue,” said Eberlein.The third and final phase consisted of testing an emergency satellite beacon and distress pinger. In the event of a submarine in distress, the crew will launch the emergency beacon from either the forward or aft escape trunks to signal the need for rescue forces. Once rescue teams have arrived, the distress pinger assists the rescue module in honing in on the submarine during the descent to aid in mating.“Mobilizing from San Diego to Ketchikan helped us confirm our procedures which were used during the 2017 search for a distressed Argentinian submarine,” said Capt. Chris Cavanaugh, Commander, Submarine Squadron 11. “We are further refining techniques we will use when we deploy to help our allies and partners in real-world emergencies.”URC’s mission is worldwide submarine assessment, intervention and expedient rescue if there is a submarine in distress. In the tragic event of a submarine accident, URC can transport rescue equipment by truck, air or ship to efficiently aid in US or international submarine rescue operations.Texas is the fourth warship of the United States Navy to be named after the US state of Texas and is part of Submarine Squadron 1 homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.Military Sealift Command-chartered merchant vessel HOS Dominator deploys Undersea Rescue Command’s (URC) Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM) to conduct a mating with the Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Texas (SSN 775). Photo: US Navy View post tag: SRDRS View post tag: URC View post tag: USS Texas Share this articlelast_img read more

By The Numbers: Stone Summit

first_imgThe nation’s largest climbing gym recently opened its doors in Atlanta. Here’s a breakdown of the behemoth gym. 30,000: Square feet of climbing surface within the 45,000 square foot facility, which also houses a yoga studio, weight gym, and spin station.300: Number of climbable routes on any given day, with roughly 20,000 holds across the gym.$12: Cost of a day pass, including all the equipment you’ll need.$5: Years from conception to completion of the gym.2,248: Number of quickdraws on the sport climbing routes.60: Height in feet of the walls within the gym.last_img read more

Clips of the Week: International Fly Fishing, Bavarian Splitboarding, Winter Pipeline, & Elements of Freeride

first_imgWe’re bringing an international flair to this week’s Clips of the Week. Crazy backcountry fly fishing and splitboarding as well as Pipeline in the wintertime and the fundamental elements of freeride.Tributaries Fly Fishing FilmRed Bull Bavarian Split from WE MAKE THEM WONDER on Vimeo.Pipeline Winter 2013 from Eric Sterman on Vimeo.FLOW – The Elements of Freeride (Pretty Lights Remix) from North 40 Productions on Vimeo.last_img

EMV – No need to panic!

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Joe Woods Joe Woods, CUDE is a 15-year credit union veteran.  He has spent time with Corporate One FCU, Liberty Enterprises, co-founded Legacy Member Services and was part of the senior management … Web: Details with Holli TarganThe world is changing with blinding speed. News media have sensationalized everything from Ebola to data breaches and yes, even EMV.There is always a fear of the unknown, and EMV is still a mystery for many of us. The hope is that wide adoption of EMV by both card issuers and merchants will slow the incidence of fraud and the accompanying costs to the industry. In the U.S. we have no single authority that can mandate EMV compliance, so the card brands are incentivizing issuers and merchants to adopt EMV primarily by shifting loss liability.Effective October, 2015, the party to a transaction (i.e., issuer or merchant) that has made the investment in EMV compliance is protected from financial liability for card-present counterfeit fraud losses. Currently, in the traditional non-EMV environment, the card issuer (credit union) is responsible for such losses. But as of October, if the credit union has issued a card with an EMV chip, but the merchant’s terminal is not EMV-ready, the liability for any fraud losses on that transaction will shift from the credit union to the merchant. Whether the loss liability shift is a sufficient incentive to an individual credit union to mass-issue EMV cards early this year will depend on how much fraud loss that credit union is experiencing, and whether enough merchants are adopting EMV POS terminals and ATMs to make a difference.In effect, the liability shift is really only a short-term, temporary window. Consider this: the credit union issuer currently assumes all liability for the transaction. Once we reach the liability shift date, those entities (CUs, merchants and processors) which are party to a transaction that are not EMV ready will assume the loss liability for that particular transaction. But once everyone, both card issuers and merchants, have fully adopted EMV, the old world order kicks in, and the liability shifts back onto the credit union as the card issuer.So, during this liability shift timeframe, the fraud liability passes to the processor or merchant on a per transaction basis – but, only if the processor or merchant is not EMV ready. And the liability will shift only on a per transaction basis, so there is a financial consequence only if that particular transaction is fraudulent.While the industry migration to EMV requires participation by all in order to realize the full, more secure benefits of the technology, there is a limited window of opportunity for fraud to shift away from the issuer. Each credit union should assess whether a mass-reissue is worth the cost of trying to push the liability off for a short period of time, or should a credit union simply continue to re-issue their expiring cards and begin re-issuing chip cards when its processor makes them available.Holli Targan is an attorney and partner at Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, who concentrates her practice on payments issues. You may reach her at [email protected]last_img read more

7 personality traits all leaders should have

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » When you’re a leader, your job is never done. And I don’t just mean in the workplace. Truly successful leaders never stop working on themselves; they are constantly refining their skills so they can be as effective as possible.A list of such traits – the kind that require persistent visitation and vigilance – is found in an article by SUCCESS Magazine’s Jim Rohn. His list of seven personality traits of a great leader includes:Learn to be strong but not impolite.Learn to be kind but not weak.Learn to be bold but not a bully.Learn to be humble but not timid.Learn to be proud but not arrogant.last_img read more

Ash Wednesday mass at Seton Catholic Central marks beginning of ‘Acts of Kindness’ Campaign

first_imgThis is the 2nd year of the campaign. It encourages students, faculty, and staff to perform an act of kindness every day throughout the Lenten season. The campaign aims to give people an alternative to the long-standing tradition of sacrificing something of value during Lent. The mass also marks the beginning of the Catholic Schools of Broome County’s Acts of Kindness Campaign. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Seton Catholic Central held its annual Ash Wednesday mass on Wednesday in observance of the beginning of Lent.center_img The campaign is aimed at people within the Catholic Schools of Broome County but other members of the public are also encouraged to participate. “They give up chocolate, they give up candy, they don’t eat meat on certain days during lent. So we were looking to do something different, where rather than just give up something for lent, they would do something to help somebody,” Catholic Schools of Broome County President Elizabeth Carter explained.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Jan. 9

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionGrateful to Jack’s for sidewalk repairs I’d like to commend Jack’s Place at 17 Rosa Road in Schenectady (opposite Ellis Hospital), which serves as a temporary residence for patients’ families, for replacing the sidewalk that borders the property on Rosa and Athol roads. This is a most commendable and welcome addition to the neighborhood and the community. It’s great that they were able to proceed with this project, which is a sorely needed upgrade in many areas and for which property owners are responsible.It is with great hope that other sidewalks in dire need of repair, such as the stretch on Nott Street by the Ellis parking garage, will receive the same attention before pedestrians are seriously injured.Our appreciation to Jack’s Place for doing this. Every wish for their continued success.Delanne StagemanSchenectady Politicians should feel family’s painOn Oct. 30, 1988, in the now sanctuary state of California, my sister Ellen was murdered by an illegal Guatemalan immigrant. Originally from Schenectady, Ellen was an honors graduate both from Niskayuna High School and Siena College.  The irony of this is that Ellen was an advocate for Hispanics, as a senior human resource manager in charge of equal employment opportunity at a McDonnell Douglas-Long Beach. Not only did she speak fluent Spanish, most of her friends in southern California were legal Latinos.I write because my blood boils lately and you know why. I wish I could flip a switch and take away all the pain my family had to endure, even 30 years later. I would ask God that I wish he could inflict this pain on the individuals who most deserve it. This would be the politicians who embrace their own power at the expense of the people they were elected to keep safe. Most likely, you never hear about a governor or senator’s family in harm’s way, since they live behind strong walls and are backed up by the fire power of a small army. Immorality is best defined by our country being turned into a Third World nation by open border frauds. So terrible for me it has come to this. I am not proud of these thoughts — abandoning my core Christian beliefs because the deceit these politicians peddle needs to be brought to light. Steven PaigeDelanson Some ways to find common groundHappy New Year to all, and it’s quite a 2018 that we are leaving. We seem one step farther away from people of hope and good intention working together as consensus builders. So I’d like to offer my services or some easy-to-achieve consensus-building to start the year off. Whether you’re enamored of our president or despise him, I think we can build an easy consensus around the belief that his hair is truly bad. It’s like a little orange cloud floating over his scalp. I sometimes imagine that it rains a mist of some “expensive” cologne, like Creed Pure White. My musings aside, I’d bring the gavel down on the bad-hair consensus. I think we can probably build agreement around the idea that our first lady’s red Christmas trees, obviously from Elizabeth Bathory’s Blood of the Pure Maiden line, were a little creepy. I appreciate creepy and have no real problem with them, though they are not my particular brand of creepy. I think we can build some consensus around them being creepy. I like people coming together and sharing a laugh. I enjoy doing so with people who share my beliefs, as well as those with whom I completely disagree, as long we can laugh in the mutual humility that we are both members of a ridiculous, self-destructive and self-centered species. I think we can build consensus around that.James CiminoSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

ATP says ‘free riders’ in Danish pension system end up with more

first_imgBut for the philosophy to work, ATP said it was crucial that everyone who could save up for their own retirement actually did so.“That is not the case today,” it said.“Therefore, those who are obliged to save for retirement end up both financing their own pensions and co-financing, via tax, the higher public pensions of those who do not save up but who could – the so-called free riders,” the fund said.ATP said that over a lifetime, someone with an annual income of DKK350,000 and an annual contribution of 12% into a labour-market pension would have about DKK312,000 less to live on than someone with the same income who did not save for a pension.ATP said the “remaining group” of people who did not save for a second-pillar pension was mainly composed of people who had spent long periods on welfare, self employed people and employees outside labour-market pension agreements.Although the new “Mandatory Pension Scheme” (OP), which started this year and is run by ATP, would help reduce this remaining group, the scheme was only expected to trim it 1.4 percentage points to 28.6% of the population, the pension fund said.“The reasons why the remaining group is not reduced very much, are because the contribution is relatively modest and that only benefit recipients are covered by the scheme,” ATP said.In its research publication, ATP quoted Michael Svarer, professor of economics at Aarhus University and former chair of the Secretariat of the Danish Economic Councils about how the problem could be solved.“There may be several ways to address the free-rider problem,” he said.One was to extend the wealth basis offset against the state pension to include housing assets etc, Svarer said, adding that another idea was to introduce mandatory savings for employees in the remaining group.“Both the Welfare Commission and the Presidency of the Economic Councils have already proposed models for compulsory pension savings, so it could be relevant to expand the terms of reference of the forthcoming Pension Commission to shed light on models for reducing the free-rider problem too,” he said.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. Danish statutory pension fund ATP said people who do not save for a second pillar pension – but could – are ending up with more money over their lifetimes than those who do.The DKK918bn (€123bn) pension fund published research exposing the paradox resulting from the interaction of the Danish tax, benefits and pension systems, and quoted an academic who suggested the new Pension Commission’s remit could be expanded to solve the problem.ATP said: “The Danish welfare system is built around the philosophy that the widest shoulders carry the heaviest load.”Within the pension system, this happened by reducing public pensions as private pensions increased, it said.last_img read more

Another family business squabble: pharmacy founder versus 2 sons

first_imgBACOLOD City – Aside from the Yansonfamily row in the giant bus company Vallacar Transit, there’s another familybusiness squabble here. Corazon Lo, founder of Negros Grace Pharmacy. Photo courtesy of Mae Singuay Lo claimed she was barred fromentering their main office in Barangay Mandalagan on Friday morning, the fourthsuch time, and even in the warehouse of their pharmacy. They have 70 branches in the Visayas,said Lo who founded the pharmacy chain with husband, the late Dr. Manuel Lo. “How come nag amo na?” Lo asked. “Indiako ka intiendi. Ngaa indi ako pasudlon sa akon mismo opisina? Ma istorya ko sabata ko pero indi ko ka-reachout sa ila.” * Mrs. Lo was barred from entering dueto the pending court case so as not to elicit sensitive information fromcompany personnel. In February, Lo filed a case (SRCCase. No. 19-115) at the Regional Trial Court, Branch 53 to stop the plannedsale of the pharmacy to Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc. by sons Theodore andIan. “To all my sons, kun tani… I’m already 80…I won’t be long on this earth. Gusto ko sila will be united,” said Loyesterday. On Nov. 22, the founder of NegrosGrace Pharmacy here, Corazon Lo, made a public appeal to her three sons,Theodore Manuel, Jonathan Manuel and Ian Manuel. According to Lo, the security guardtold her he could lose his job if he allowed her to come in. Ian Manuel issued a statement throughhis legal counsel Asia Canieso, who said her client tried to talk to his motherseveral times in the past but he was spurned. * Since June 2019 Mrs. Lo was nolonger a stockholder or director of the pharmacy. The other salient points Caniesoraised were the following: She urged her sons to see her. “I am fighting for my rights and asfounder of the business,” Lo stressed. According to the pharmacy founder, thesecurity guard at their main office told her there’s a standing instruction tobar her from entering. * Mrs. Lo’s attempt to enter pharmacypremises on Nov. 22 was a publicity stunt./PNlast_img read more

Stoke confirm Assaidi loan signing

first_img Press Association Stoke have confirmed the signing of Liverpool winger Oussama Assaidi on a season-long loan. Hughes told “Oussama had a few options and I’m delighted he has chosen to join us. “He’s an exciting player, who has great pace and is very direct and will certainly add another dimension to what we already have at the club.” Stoke chief executive Tony Scholes said: “Mark identified the need to add more pace to the team and Oussama certainly fits the bill in that regard. “He is an exciting talent and will certainly strengthen the resources at Mark’s disposal this season.” Assaidi featured eight times for Liverpool in cup competitions last term, with six of those being starts. He has been handed the Stoke number 24 shirt and could make his debut for the club in Wednesday night’s Capital One Cup second-round home clash with Walsall. center_img The 25-year-old Morocco international has made four appearances in the Barclays Premier League, all as a substitute, for the Reds since joining them from Dutch side Heerenveen a year ago. Potters manager Mark Hughes’ other signings this summer have been defenders Erik Pieters and Marc Muniesa, with a deal also being agreed for striker Juan Agudelo to join in January. last_img read more