Russo, Benevento & Burbridge To Premiere As New Trio At Peach Fest

first_imgWhile the cancellation of Gregg Allman’s headlining set was an unfortunate loss, the Peach Music Festival has done a great job putting the pieces together for the holes in their lineup. The festival still put The String Cheese Incident members with the Allman Brothers Band family for a collaborative set, had Gov’t Mule extend their Sunday night set and booked Rich Robinson Band to perform as well. Today, they’ve outdone themselves, announcing the formation of a new trio: Russo, Benevento & Burbridge.The group will certainly be an offshoot of the famed Benevento Russo Duo, making their debut as a trio for the first time this Sunday at the Peach. The RB&B supergroup is sure to dominate their festival set, and who knows what special guests might find their way into the jam.While we send our healing thoughts and prayers to Gregg Allman, it’s certainly worth praising Peach Fest for their quick turnaround on the new lineup additions. The festival kicked off last night as well, with sets from groups like Dark Star Orchestra, Electron (Pink Floyd set), Dopapod and more!Speaking of Joe Russo and Oteil Burbridge – have you seen the Brooklyn Comes Alive lineup yet?last_img read more

A New Biography Of Owsley Stanley Ft. Grateful Dead Members Will Soon Be Released

first_imgThe 1960’s and 1970’s were riddled with unique personalities, but few were on the level of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, better known as Owsley or “Bear.” Stanley was a crucial figure in numerous scenes, helping the Merry Pranksters as well as the Grateful Dead during their formative years. Now, it’s all being chronicled in a new book: Bear: The Life and Times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III.Something of a mad scientist, Stanley’s biggest claim to fame was the synthesis of Lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD. Between the years of 1965 and 1967, Stanley estimated that he produced more than ten million doses of the psychedelic drug. Some of his acid is still in existence, if Oteil Burbridge is to be believed.Stanley’s biggest distributors and users of said LSD were the Merry Pranksters, who were leading figures of the mid-60’s counterculture movement. They were throwing events called Acid Tests in San Francisco, CA while the drug was still legal, and hired the Grateful Dead as the house band. Before long, the mad scientist of Stanley became the band’s principal financier and sound engineer. He also designed the famous lightning bolt logo for the Dead’s equipment during this era, and reportedly helped to turn figures like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon onto LSD as well.The biography will feature these stories and many more, bringing interviews with a number of Stanley’s friends and colleagues. Due out on November 15th, the book was written by journalist Robert Greenfield, best known for penning works on Bill Graham, Jerry Garcia, The Rolling Stones, Timothy Leary and more. You can read more about the new book via Amazon.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

Second PAUSE Protest Slated For This Afternoon In Jamestown

first_imgImage by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.JAMESTOWN – Individuals are expected to gather this afternoon at 3 p.m. in Dow Park to urge Chautauqua County officials to cancel and not extend or declare any further states of emergency based on the COVID-19 numbers in the county.Local spokesperson and organizer for Open NY, Gerrit Cain, says the participants are expected to adhere to social distancing guidelines.Cain released the following statement Thursday:“We appreciate the efforts of our State Representatives to develop a plan to reopen upstate. Unfortunately, the looming possibility of more delays, more top down control, and more shutdowns as overreactions to a “spikes” in cases is cause for concern for the future of this plan.” “Western New York has seen its livelihood nearly snuffed out, the mental health and wellbeing of its residents decline, and the divide among the community grow deeper. We have been fortunate to have not suffered severe or widespread direct health effects from the virus, but the damage done by policies to “help” control the virus has been devastating. Some precautions are prudent but overall, these top-down mandates have done more harm than good.”“The solution we propose locally and beyond is based on restoring the liberty of individuals in western NY to live their lives and conduct business in a safe responsible manner. The role of government at every level should be to facilitate access to factual information regarding the virus, rework our budgets so emergency service and infrastructure are maintained and defend our natural rights.”“We are responsible, intelligent adults who weigh a variety of risks as we live our lives each day in an imperfect world. Our behavior is dynamic and adaptable to our society and our environment based on the information we obtain. It is our hope that our government officials and the press will provide us with honest, accurate, unbiased information. With that we are confident we can navigate this crisis without heavy handed unconstitutional regulations and restrictions.”“We support and encourage county and local officials including executives, legislators, DAs, local bodies and judges to in essence nullify the unconstitutional restrictions and policies of the NY PAUSE by executive action, legislative resolution, or official directives. Our Counties cannot survive another month of the PAUSE.”Governor Andrew Cuomo’s PAUSE Initiative is set to expire next Friday. From there, the state is expected to use a region-by-region approach provided the regions meet several criteria issued by Cuomo’s office.Related reporting: Residents Voice Concerns During Jamestown COVID-19 “Stay-At-Home” Rally Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),Whens the next one?last_img read more

Pointing the way: Easy tips to incentivize profitable behavior at your credit union

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Dante Dominick Danté Dominick is an award-winning content and marketing strategist with specialized knowledge for the financial services industry. He has helped over a hundred community financial institutions improve their image, creative … Web: Details Quid pro quo.Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.What’s in it for me?People have different ways of saying it, but we can all pretty much agree little gets done in life without giving something in return.As goes life, so goes commerce.Your credit union can cross-sell more products, generate more interchange revenue, and deepen loyalty just by embracing this simple—and ancient—concept.The trick is knowing just where your member wants their back scratched.Create a Currency with PointsAmericans looooove rewards programs. On average, we’re enrolled in 13 loyalty programs and active in seven.1 We can examine this up, down, and sideways. But it boils down to the simple satisfaction of quid pro quo.Recognizing this, many credit unions successfully use a point-based rewards program as a back scratcher. This effectively creates a currency out of awarding points. Want members to select e-statements? Give ‘em points. There are countless ways to incentivize money-saving (or revenue generating) behaviors by using points as a currency:The aforementioned e-statement enrollmentEstablishing a direct depositEnrolling in online or mobile bankingAnd/or a small amount of points each month the above three examples remain activeOpening another accountOpening a credit cardThis adds dimension to the points-per-purchase mainstay of a rewards program. You can get creative beyond these basics.And having some awarded on monthly basis is a way to keep the program—and the benefit of banking with you—top of mind.What works best is having some anchor activities that earn points, and some point campaigns spaced throughout the calendar. This keeps engagement up, which is critical to get the most out of a rewards program.Everybody Loves a GameThere’s something psychological at play too. After all, every credit union has done their fair share of campaigns with special offers. But the points game is, well, a game.And a little bit of daydreaming.Millions of Americans prefer points or rewards to cash back because they see cash as a practicality (to use to pay a bill or credit card) while points are saved up for a luxury item or vacation. And since the rewards are seen as extra freebies, daydreaming about toes in the sand or a big screen TV is guilt-free for even the most diligent money-saver.Another psychological advantage points programs have is how they create a “status” for participants. Many successful retail loyalty programs incorporate levels based on spending or activity. Reaching premium levels nets premium rewards, and just as importantly to many, it bestows a special status. There’s no reason a debit card program couldn’t create status levels. Even without them, consumers love tallying up more points and feeling special compared to those poor souls without the points.It all becomes a game. And it gets real exciting when your credit union incorporates cardholder data and analytics to customize the game to each cardholder. (See “Top 4 Personalization Techniques to Drive Non-Interest Income” for examples how.)The March of the MillennialsMillennials are among the most likely to change their behavior for points. Apparently, they’re more accustomed than previous generations to get something in return for their engagement.Some noteworthy stats:268% of millennials will change when and where they shop if it means getting more program benefits.More than half of millennials (60%) are willing to switch brands if it means getting more benefits.A third confessed to buying something they didn’t need or want in order to earn points or maintain program status.While some of these retail or brand measures aren’t exactly apples-to-apples for credit unions, they’re certainly not apples-to-toasters either. There are very strong dots to connect that millennials—and all age groups—can be motivated to choose a financial institution based on rewards, and will use more of their products and services for ongoing rewards.Research and results show this is true, and there are many rewards programs available to credit unions today. If you’d like more info why we think Buzz Points is among your best options, please send us an email to [email protected] Brand Loyalty, “2015 Loyalty Report,” 20152Bond Brand Loyalty, “The Loyalty Report,” 2014last_img read more

3 questions for your mobile banking partner (Part 1)

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr With the ubiquity of the mobile-first member, implementing a mobile banking solution should be a top priority for your credit union. In this blog series, we will address the top three questions your credit union should ask a digital strategy company when developing a mobile banking plan.Question 1: Does your mobile digital experience mirror your online channel?People say the mark of a true champion is consistency. The same is true for mobile banking. Although mobile banking is seeing rapid adoption and growth by credit union members, it’s not projected to actually outpace interactions via the desktop until the year 2020.The ability of your digital solutions vendor to provide a consistent experience—from data to workflows to functionality—should be high on the priority list as you make your selection. continue reading »last_img read more

UK Detains Russian Cargo Ship following Refloating

first_imgThe Russian vessel Kuzma Minin, which ran aground off Cornwall last week, has been detained by UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency.Following the vessel’s refloating on December 18, a Port State Inspection by MCA Surveyors confirmed a breach in one of the ship’s fuel tanks.According to MCA, tank readings indicate the tank has filled with water as a consequence of the grounding, however no pollution has been reported yet.As a result, the vessel has been banned from leaving Falmouth Bay until repairs have been made. Once the repairs have taken place, a follow-up inspection will be conducted before the vessel can be released.The coast guard plans to move the Russian vessel to a more sheltered spot within Falmouth Harbour later today.“Three tugs and a port pilot will work with the crew in the move which is a purely precautionary measure,” MCA added. “The Secretary of State’s Representative Maritime Salvage & Intervention and the Environment Group continue to monitor the situation.”As informed, the vessel has full electrical and engine power, and all crew onboard are safe and well.Image Courtesy: Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Teamlast_img read more

Burkina Faso’s coup leader describes putsch as ‘biggest mistake’

first_imgBurkina Faso’s coup leader General Gilbert Diendere on Wednesday confirmed that the crisis had ended, describing the coup he led as “the biggest mistake”.Gen Diendere announced the end of the coup a few hours after the interim president Michel Kafando, whom he had deposed, resumed office.Diendere went ahead to say that his team had given up on the coup because “the people were not in favour of it”.Gen Diendere leads the powerful Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), the unit that was behind the coup.He is also a former chief-of-staff to long serving leader Blaise Compaore, who was deposed by a popular uprising in October 2014.The general spoke after a formal ceremony in Ouagadougou to reinstate the interim authority headed by president Michel Kafando.Asked about the dissolution of the RSP, Diendere said that it is not up to him to make any decision on that but that assurances were given that the unit would not be dissolved.last_img read more

Opera meets Dancehall meets Hip Hop with Marie Claire for Amazura “I-Octane,Jadakiss,Spragga & Friends”

first_img Sharing is caring! EntertainmentLocalNews Opera meets Dancehall meets Hip Hop with Marie Claire for Amazura “I-Octane,Jadakiss,Spragga & Friends” by: – July 12, 2011 160 Views   no discussions Marie-Claire‘s passion to seamlessly blend her classically trained voice with hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, jazz, rock and any other genre is a result of her love of the lands that birthed these sounds as well as the power of the genres themselves. It only takes one listen to her amazing voice on DJ Logic’s The Anomaly, or her songs “red” and “desperation” to know that power. Now this blend of Opera, Hip-Hop and Reggae has been condensed into a mature, sexy, and delightful EP- a fitting description of Marie-Claire herself. Dreamland boasts five songs each unique in their own right. “Constellation”, is a beautiful balled written by celebrated Reggae singer/songwriter Bob Andy; “charcoal”, written by marie-claire herself, has a definite rock influence and showcases her range; a remake of the El Tempo’s classic “dreamland” made famous by Bunny Wailer shines through on the album as well. “summertime” is an ode to hip-hopera and features Drezion. Her version of Bob Marley’s “rastaman chant” features an appearance by Dancehall veteran Spragga Benz. Apart from Paul Bailey’s contribution to the “dreamland” track, all tracks and vocals were recorded at Champagne International Studios by in-house producer Dre (Tenament Yard). A mix of reggae and funk with operatic influences flavored throughout, it illustrates her growth as an artist and is sure to be a staple in every music lover’s collection.  This girl full of gold is a treasure you don’t want to miss! For more information please call 516-439-6676 or email: [email protected] and follow CMG on Twitter or [email protected] Release Share Reggae Meets Hiphop FlierQueens, NY (Mpr & Consulting) – New York’s biggest summer show has yet taken another turn, and added a new layer to this musical feast. “Best Of Both World/Reggae meets Hip Hop “I-Octane – JadaKiss and Friends” has added Opera to the stage with Marie Claire! When asked to describe her musical style, Marie Claire responded “It’s almost as if reggae and hip-hop had a threesome with opera.”Marie Claire will join “I-Octane”, “Jadakiss”, “Spragga Benz” along with Konshens, Munga Honorable, Richie Loops, Bascom X, Frisco Kid, Chi Ching Ching, Kranium, Supa hype, Baby Chris, Nefatari and more.The performances will be backed up by world renowned Ruff Kut Band, while HOT 97 DJ Envy, Bobby Konders & Jabba, DJ Pow, Kevin Crown, Dev Kutta, DJ Roy and Stretch of Road International, Banky Hype and Tek9 will keep the music going to entertain the massives.MARIE CLAIREMarie ClaireEven before it’s completion, the Jamaica Observer described her debut album as nothing less than “groundbreaking.” The who’s-who of Reggae royalty have lent their wisdom and unquestionable talent to ensure that Marie-Claire dreamland is a first-rate production. Bob Andy (who penned one of the tracks) and Earl “Chinna” Smith has mentored her throughout the process , bassist Glen Browne is featured on the title track, Stephen Marley has given his stamp of approval to her remake of a song made famous by his legendary father. This EP promises a fresh new hybrid sound. Says Marie-Claire,“It’s almost as if reggae and hip-hop had a threesome with opera.” Listeners are in for an eargasm of eclectic sounds familiar and all the same strange and new.The journey to this point has not been easy for the Dominican-born, Bronx-reared beauty who came as close to success with a demo deal from Epic records which fell through. They loved her, but she was ahead of her time. Her journey started with an open-mike performance at Village Vanguard, while Marie-Claire was an Archeology student at Brooklyn College. Since then Marie-Claire has gone from performing on the jazz and country western circuit; to performing with the Austin Lyric Opera Company and to studying opera with vocal teacher and mentor Maestro Guido Caputo while taking classes at Conservatory of Santa Cecelia in Rome Italy, where she lived for three years. Her return to the states took her through to Los Angeles where she continued her study with Mark Forrest, and then back to New York; where she studied with Raymond Buckingham.Marie-Claire debuted at Carnegie Hall with the New York Grand Opera Company. She also studied with Wayne Saunders from Opera Ebony and was included in their performances in the NYC area. Since then she has performed within the NYC metro at Joe’s Pub, Lyricist Lounge-Central Park Summer Stage 2001 and Izzy Bar to name a few. She subsequently joined forces with musicians DJ Mighty Mel, Carlos Cartagena and Mahiri Buffong to form the band WATER and performed with them throughout the tri-state area. Her first performance in her native Dominica was the solo recital ’A Night at the Opera.’ She has also performed at Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park, Nature Fest, and Creole and All That Jazz.  In Dominica marie-claire made her mark in television as well, by co-creating, co-producing and hosting video best-the first ever video music show in Dominica. She also had two live shows jazzlive and belemont lounge produced by her girlfullofgold productions ltd, and interviewed artists at the 12th Annual World Creole Music Festival for the Dominica Festival Commission (DFC).  Speaking of TV, her music has been featured in the films Lovin Jezebel, The Roommate and marie-claire herself was part of the cast of the second season of The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central. She has been interviewed by Caribbean Billboard; featured in the New York Times, Jamaica Observer and the pages of She Caribbean, Ocean Style and Domnitjen Magazine; as well as a host of popular Caribbean entertainment sites.center_img Regionally, Marie-Claire has been keeping busy. She performed at St. Lucia’s Love Fest in 2006. In 2008 she performed in Jamaica at Christopher’s Jazz Café, Weekenz, and Red Bones Blues Café to rave revues. 2009 saw performances at Jamaica Jazz and Blues and Russell’s in Antigua. She kicked off 2010 with a performance in Dominica at the Year of the Child concert series- a concept she co-created and co-managed to focus her philanthropic efforts. Apart from a well-received performance at Jamaica Jazz and Blues, other major 2010 performances included Marie-Claire opening for Faith Evans at Antigua’s Love Is All We Need Concert series and for Glen Washington in Dominica. She also performed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on invite of the Prime Minister and was a guest performer at the Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest. So far,  for 2011 she has performed at several events in Jamaica including the JARIA organized Reggae Month concert series at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts,  The Actor Boy Awards and Music Unites fundraiser dubbed ‘Jazz and More’.  Tweet Share Sharelast_img read more

Indianapolis 500

first_imgHow many Indy 500 drivers can you name off the top of your head?  There are still 2 names that probably come to mind for a lot of you.  They are Andretti and Rahal.  After that, I would have to think hard to come up with more than 4 or 5 others–if I could even do that.  Since newspapers print little (if any) news any more, we here in southeastern Indiana hear little or nothing about the 500.If you are lucky enough to pick up Indianapolis TV on your cable system, you will be more informed than I am.  I do know is it this Sunday and once the activities start some of the old excitement will come back.  However, it is not like the old days–at least not for me.  When names like Foyt, Unser, and Rutherford retired, the new list is totally international and only a few American racing teams are still involved.I will be watching the 500 and then probably the NASCAR race that follows.  It is a full day of racing and I hope it is an enjoyable one for you.last_img read more

Alumni association set to redevelop Unilag Cricket Pitch for N75m

first_imgKwesi Sagoe, a former President, Nigerian Cricket Federation, says the construction of a cricket pitch of international standards in the University of Lagos will further project the institution as one of Africa’s best.Sagoe, also a former Chairman, African Cricket Association, made the assertion on Saturday at the Sod Turning ceremony for the redevelopment of the Cricket Pitch of the University of Lagos Sports Centre. The project is to cost at least N75 million.The ceremony, which was put together by the University of Lagos Cricket Alumni Association, was in honour of a retired lecturer in the university, Prof. Adebola Kukoyi, who turned 80 on Thursday.The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Kukoyi, a Professor of French, was an active member of the association during his days as a student and lecturer in the university.He retired from the university in 2005.Sagoe said beyond honouring Kukoyi on his 80th birthday, the association felt there was the need to give back to the university of Lagos, which moulded them. He said: “The whole idea is to give back to cricket and make sure that in Unilag, it remains the sport of first choice and must not disappear from the extra curricular activities of the institution.“That is very important, and we stand by it.“The English Football Federation has a high performance centre at one of the universities in UK.“This is the kind of relationship we want University of Lagos to have with the Nigerian Cricket Federation, whereby this place can be a high performance centre for Nigerian cricket as a whole.”Sagoe added that building a befitting cricket facility in honour of Kukoyi would be in appreciation to his immense contributions to the development of the sports in the institution. He added: “About seven weeks ago, when we put our heads together as a body of cricketers who played under his watch for the upcoming birthday of Prof. Kukoyi who also imbibed some qualities in us.“We felt the need to come up with what we are witnessing today.“As at today, we have about 102 members, and we are still reaching out to others; the important thing about this is that all the members are happy that we got together to deliberate on how to celebrate Prof. Kukoyi.“We thought deeply about the cricket facility here, that it will be good to renew it, and therefore we sought the consent of the university authorities to name it in his honour.RelatedPosts Why we need stakeholders’ support to sustain brand – acting Unilag VC Judge to UNILAG Council, Senate: Controversy not good for university’s image Unilag: Ogundipe, Acting VC dragged before EFCC + Full petition “We are very excited by the reception that we got from the vice chancellor and his management team.”Uyi Akpata, Vice President, Nigerian Cricket Federation and a member of the alumni association, said at least N75 million would be needed to put in place a cricket pitch of international standards in the university.Akpata, also the Chairman, Edo State Cricket Association, added that the institution’s cricket alumni association was looking at positioning the institution as one of the best on the African continent, considering its recent ranking by Forbes as the third productive university in Africa.He said: “For the pitch, which is the main one, it has to be completed within the next two months.“We need to take advantage of the rainy season to do it so that planting can be done.“To do the pitch itself with the underground watering system, irrigation, turf wickets and others, we are looking at a range of between N50 million to N70 million, but it could be less if we would be assisted with equipment by other public-spirited individuals.“Ultimately, it is a process, and we are targeting to do a formal opening ceremony around November.“What we are looking at now is beyond this.“It is about how we are going to support the university going forward, support female cricketers and attract foreigners here to play cricket.”In his remarks, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, reiterated that part of his vision on assumption of office was to bring in friends and alumni to assist in building the institution.Ogundipe said: “Here, we are talking about project, programme and person.“In the last one or two weeks, there have been lots of activities; this is one of such activities that our vision has attracted to the university.“This project, the cricket pitch, will be of international standard, and I can assure you that by next year, we shall begin to see foreigners come into the university to play cricket.“We thank God for the life of Prof. Kukoyi who had been part of the cricket family since his days as a student and even when he was here as a lecturer and when he retired.“He contributed to the development of these ‘boys’ and because of this, they want to honour him this way, not to him as an individual, but through him to the institution.“I think I have taken some lessons from this.”Also in his remarks, Kukoyi said he was overwhelmed and humbled by the gesture.He said: “I am indeed overwhelmed and surprised at this whole idea.“I know the vice chancellor is a remarkable person, a man of substance, just like all others who are behind this.“When they want to do something, they put in all their energy to it.“With all these efforts, we are going to turn this place to an academy of sports.”Tags: Adebola KukoyiAfrican Cricket AssociationUniversity of LagosUniversity of Lagos Sports Centrelast_img read more