Senate brainstorms proposals, discusses ‘senior exclusion policy’

first_imgThe Notre Dame student senate convened Wednesday for its first meeting of the 2020 spring semester. The minutes from the last Senate meeting (Dec. 11) were read and approved without objection.Student body vice president Patrick McGuire opened with several announcements. He welcomed the senators back from the break, then reminded the senate about the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Luncheon scheduled for 11:30 a.m. next Monday, at which activist and civil rights movement leader Diane Nash will be in attendance as keynote speaker.“It’s a really important event, and I think it’s really important that we all go,” McGuire said. “We have been given tickets for the senate, and I highly encourage you all to go. If you can’t, then please give it to someone who can or who will go.”McGuire also reminded senators of the other events planned for Walk the Walk Week, and urged senators to attend as many events as possible and to encourage their constituents to attend.After several other announcements, McGuire suggested that for the rest of the meeting, senators and others in attendance could discuss potential resolutions they had been working on in December, and new resolutions could be proposed and brainstormed.Quentin Colo, Off Campus Council senator, suggested a resolution encouraging the University to abandon the “senior exclusion policy” — a policy change aimed at reducing off-campus students’ access to on-campus activities and amenities.“I know there was a resolution last year to encourage the University to get feedback on the senior exclusion policies and how students felt about it,” Colo said. “Although I have not looked at the feedback, I can probably assume what it’s saying, and I think it’s fair to say that the feedback’s pretty negative and students want the University to abandon the senior exclusion policies. I was hoping to propose a resolution … to encourage the University to abandon those policies.”After several senators had offered their feedback and discussed potential measures Student Government could take, Colo asked sophomore class council president Jordan Theriault, who met with and interviewed associate vice president for Residential Life Heather Rakoczy Russell on Dec. 10 during a public meeting in the Dahnke Ballroom, to talk more about the discussion and the feedback that he has since received.“After the meeting we sent out a survey form … we asked ‘Do you understand the policies?’” Theriault said. “So we were just trying to figure out if people understood that it’s kind of malleable. The response was kind of iffy, which was interesting because I think we kind of hoped, and the administration as well, to open it up to the class and make them understand that they’re willing to work and to give them ideas. From there, it’s kind of split between people who want to still abandon the policy and encourage the University to reevaluate the exclusionary policy, and the other half was different solutions.”Theriault also mentioned that he had been working on a resolution with others regarding club funding, and encouraged any interested senators or other members of student government to speak with him.After those in attendance had offered and discussed several other proposals, the meeting broke into several small groups to continue these discussions.Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Quentin Colo as the Club Coordination Council’s Special Interest Division chair. Colo is the Off Campus Council senator, not the Special Interest Division chair. The Observer regrets this error.Tags: Notre Dame Student Government, senior exclusion policy, student senatelast_img read more

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle?

first_imgChildren who are included in conversations about household greening and recycling are more motivated to educate their friends and also green their lunchroom at school. There are numerous resources for getting your children involved in going green at home and at school. Listed below are tips for parents and children to reduce their daily waste. Consider the product’s packagingPackaged products make up 30 percent of solid waste. One way to reduce the amount of packaging your family throws away is to buy cereals, chips and cookies in bulk and then store them in reusable containers. Try to avoid foods that are sold in single-serve packaging; they produce more waste per serving and are often more expensive. by Colin Couch, Family and Consumer Sciences graduate student studying housing and consumer economics Teaming up to reduce the amount of trash your family throws away each week can give parents and children the experience of working towards a common goal and create some fun family traditions. By working together, families can make their homes greener and limit the amount of waste their family produces. Another simple way to have a large impact on the amount of plastic waste is to bring reusable cloth bags to the grocery store. Use reusable bags, kits and utensils for lunchBy purchasing reusable lunch bags for your children, you will not have to purchase and throw away paper bags. Throwing away paper bags each day creates between 4 to 8 ounces of garbage; nearly 100 pounds annually. Reusable lunch kits include different sized containers for your children’s lunches as alternatives to zippered plastic bags that are thrown away daily. By purchasing reusable utensils, you can save up to $40 per year by taking plastic utensils off your shopping list. Drink from reusable bottles Another small change that can make a big impact is ditching juice boxes and other drinks that are in disposable containers. Packing water in reusable BPA-free water bottles not only reduces waste, but may also be healthier than grabbing a juice box or a can of soda when you need something to drink on the go. Start a compost pile Recycling and cutting down on disposable packaging will greatly reduce the amount of trash that your family sends to the landfill, but if you’re looking to go above and beyond, you might consider a compost pile. Food scraps and yard trimmings make up 27 percent of the trash collected by U.S. cities, and they’re also the two main ingredients in compost, which can be used as a fertilizer and mulch in your own yard. Using compost in your flowerbeds and garden reduces the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides while keeping organic materials out of your local landfill. For more info on starting a compost pile search “compost” at read more

Alleged Ricin Mailer Arrested, FBI Says

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York President Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union address of his second term Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013.Update: The charges against Paul Kevin Curtis were dropped.Federal authorities arrested a Mississippi man Tuesday for mailing three letters suspected of containing the lethal biological warfare agent ricin to the White House, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and a Mississippi district court judge who authorities have not identified.The FBI identified the suspect as Paul Kevin Curtis who was apprehended in his Corinth home near the Tennessee border but did not immediately say what specific charges he is facing other than to say he is believed to have sent the letters containing a granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin.The U.S. Secret Service had quarantined the letter to President Barack Obama that was received at a mail screening facility offsite from the White House, the front of which was cordoned off by yellow tape Tuesday, officials said. Lab test results will take 24-48 hours to confirm if the substance is ricin.The Associated Press reported that the letters sent to the lawmakers included the same message: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message,” the AP reported.“There is no indication of a connection to the attack in Boston,” the FBI said in a statement. The letters were mailed April 8, before the attacks.The mail case broke a day after the Boston Marathon bombings that left three dead and nearly 200 wounded. The FBI has said at least one of the two bombs was built out of a pressure cooker filled with projectiles.President Barack Obama is scheduled to travel Thursday to Boston, where he will speak at an interfaith service.last_img read more

Preparing for 8-digit BINs: A checklist for credit unions

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are the first six digits on any credit, debit or prepaid card. Whenever a cardholder transacts, the BIN helps the merchant processor identify both the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and the institution that issued it, in order to approve or decline the transaction within a matter of seconds. BINs also enable merchants to accept multiple forms of payment including digital and mobile.But the industry is facing a BIN shortage, thanks to the rapid growth of both the number of cards being issued and new forms of digital payment. In response, the two largest card networks, Visa and MasterCard, announced plans to expand the length of BINs from six to eight digits by April of 2022.After the new 8-digit expansion is implemented, anytime a transaction occurs, the merchant’s card processing system will now read eight numbers instead of the first six. Every 6-digit BIN will automatically add two numbers at the end of the string (00, 01, 02, etc.) all that way up to 99. So essentially one 6-digit BIN will generate 100 different 8-digit BINs. Three Major Ways the 8-Digit Expansion Will Impact Payment Card IssuersLicensing & Underutilization Costs – Currently, issuers pay licensing fees for every new BIN created. Which means that come April of 2022, the cost of one 6-digit BIN will increase with the new 8-Digit BINs that are automatically generated. At the same time, issuers are often penalized for underutilized BINs, which means those 99 extra 8-Digit BINs that aren’t actually in use will cost them extra. According to an analysis of VisaNet transactions, less than 9 percent of future 8-digit BINs are currently active.last_img read more

RCTI, iNews TV under fire following petition to classify OTT firms as broadcasting media

first_img“If the petition is granted an added definition […] it will cause legal uncertainty for broadcasting and the public,” Ahmad said during a hearing at the Constitutional Court last Wednesday.“Expanding the definition of ‘broadcast’ to include activities such as Instagram TV, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and the distribution of audio-visual content on social media platforms […] means requiring [the companies] to register as broadcasting firms, which, in turn, requires the formation of entirely new broadcasting bodies that are not accommodated by the Broadcasting Law.”He said that OTT companies – the majority of which are foreign firms – that lacked a broadcast permit could face legal sanctions as their transmission was viewed as illegal under the petition.“In regard to OTT companies and content creators based outside of Indonesia’s territorial jurisdiction, they cannot possibly be subject to Indonesian law,” Ahmad said, adding that the petition could also harm the flow of international trade with other nations.The petition has drawn the ire of social media users who responded with a stream of criticism against the stations run by media conglomerate PT Media Nusantara Citra (MNC).Comedian Bintang Emon, for instance, posted a short skit on Instagram in which he portrays a livestreamer who is arrested by the police for merely broadcasting live footage of himself eating a couple of fried dumplings. Private television stations RCTI and iNews TV have recently come under fire for submitting a petition to the Constitutional Court calling for a judicial review of the Broadcasting Law to establish a “level playing field” for both broadcasting media and over-the-top (OTT) digital content and service providers.The petition was promptly met with resistance from the public and government officials alike amid concerns over a media monopoly that could potentially result in severely limited access to digital content and services.The petition argued that Article 1 of the Broadcasting Law – which defines broadcasting as information transmission via radio frequency through the air, cable and other media – suggested there was “discrimination” against broadcasting media as OTT companies that distribute digital content and services through the internet remain relatively unregulated. Topics : “Please, sir, I only pressed the ‘live’ button, not a missile launch button,” he says in the video clip.Former coordinating maritime affairs minister Rizal Ramli also voiced his concern regarding the petition, saying that it was merely an effort to acquire “business and legal protection” from the government.RCTI milik HT yg kuasai banyak channel TV menggugat UU No 32 2002 ttg Penyiaran ke MK, minta media digital “ditertibkan” supaya tidak menyaingi TV. Oligopolist kok minta proteksi ?Ini oligarchy media penjilat kekuasaan demi bisnis & proteksi hukum. Hari ini minta2 tlg MK 😀— Dr. Rizal Ramli (@RamliRizal) August 29, 2020“Media oligarchy is pandering to power for the sake of business and legal protection,” he tweeted.RCTI programming and production director Dini Putri, during an episode of Deddy Corbuzier’s Close the Door podcast on Sunday, brushed off any concerns, arguing that the petition instead would indirectly benefit content creators as their content would be attributable to the OTT companies that hosted it.Therefore, according to the petition, the government would instead go after the companies instead of individual content creators should there be any problem regarding any digital product, she said.She also fended off criticism that the TV station only submitted the petition to regain a foothold in the media industry amid purported competition with rising OTT firms in recent years.“For us, digital [content] complements the free-to-air content. So we’re not competing,” Dini said. According to the petition, a redefinition of broadcast media is required so that digital content and service providers may become subject to the same law that binds traditional media.The Communications and Information Ministry’s informatics director general, Ahmad M. Ramli, rebutted the claim, saying that OTT companies belonged to a different legal domain under the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law, the Pornography Law and a number of other regulations concerning digitally transmitted content.Furthermore, he said the petition implied a host of legal consequences that could jeopardize free speech in the country.Read also: Digital killed the analog star: Minister calls for TV transformationlast_img read more

Typhoon Haishen heads to South Korea after slamming Japan

first_imgPowerful Typhoon Haishen approached South Korea on Monday after slamming southern Japan with record winds and heavy rains that prompted evacuation warnings for millions.On Monday morning, initial assessments suggested the storm had done less damage than feared, though hundreds of thousands of homes were left without power across much of Japan’s southern Kyushu island.At 7 am, the typhoon was 30 kilometers (around 20 miles) north of Tsushima island and was categorized as a “large” and strong” storm, having weakened overnight, but was still packing gusts up to 216 kilometers (135 miles) per hour. Several dozen mostly minor injuries were reported, according to national broadcaster NHK, most of them elderly people who suffered falls.In Nagasaki’s Goto, four people were hurt after a shattered window flung glass into an evacuation center in the early hours of Monday morning, a local fire department official told AFP.”It was unclear if the window was smashed in by a gust of wind or something that blew into it,” he said.Weather officials had warned the storm’s strongest gusts would be strong enough to overturn cars and snap powerline poles. Topics : By Monday morning, around 476,000 households were without electricity, according to Kyushu Electric Power, raising fears of heatstroke for those left without air conditioning.Authorities issued non-compulsory evacuation orders and lower-level advisories for more than seven million people at the peak of the storm.But they also asked residents to avoid crowding at shelters to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections. Hotels fully booked Some shelters were forced to turn people away to have enough space to maintain social distancing, and many of those advised to evacuate decided to check into hotels.Hotel Polaris in Shibushi city, Kagoshima, said all 73 of its rooms were booked out for the weekend — the first time it had been fully booked during a typhoon.”This is a large building for our area. I think our guests have chosen to stay with us to feel safe,” front desk employee Takayuki Shinmura told AFP.The typhoon played havoc with transportation, grounding hundreds of flights and disrupting train services.But with little sign of significant damage early Monday morning, travel was expected to resume quickly.Japan’s typhoon season usually runs until October and Haishen is the second powerful storm to move through the region in recent weeks.It follows Typhoon Maysak, which also hit Japan before moving into South and North Korea, where heavy damage was reported.Kim Jong Un appeared in state media over the weekend to inspect the damage and ordered 12,000 elite members of his ruling party to help with recovery efforts.Rough weather caused by Maysak also sank a cargo ship carrying 43 crew and 6,000 cows off Japan’s west coast, prompting a desperate rescue effort by the country’s coast guard.Two survivors and the body of a third crew member were found before Haishen’s arrival forced the coast guard to suspend the search.”We are assessing the situation including exactly when we can resume the operation,” a coast guard duty officer told AFP on Monday.last_img read more

Matteo Guendouzi reveals France Under-21 coach played trick on him over senior call-up

first_imgMatteo Guendouzi reveals France Under-21 coach played trick on him over senior call-up Advertisement The Arsenal youngster could hardly believe he’d been called up to the senior team (Picture: Getty)Matteo Guendouzi has revealed that he briefly thought he was being dropped from the France Under-21 squad as coach Sylvain Ripoll teased him over his senior call-up.The Arsenal star was drafted into Didier Deschamps’ World Cup-winning squad after Paul Pogba was forced to withdraw with an injury, though he was taking a well-earned nap after his north London derby exploits when Ripoll came to deliver the news.After the coach was forced to wait outside the door for several minutes, he decided to play a little trick on Guendouzi to make him fear he’d been axed – only to then reveal the real reason he was leaving the Under-21 set-up. Guendouzi trained with the senior France squad at Clairefontaine on Monday (Picture: Getty)Asked about the call up, the midfielder explained: ‘Actually, I was taking a nap and someone knocked on my door. I didn’t answer because I was sleeping I swear.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘Then my phone rang and it was the coach on the phone. He said, “It’s me, I knocked” and so on. Obviously I went and opened the door straight away!‘And then he said, “Matteo, come here, we need to talk.” He said, “I like you very much but you have to leave.”More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘And I said, “What do you mean I have to leave? What do you mean?” He said, “Actually, you’re going with the senior France national team.‘In my mind I was like, at first I couldn’t believe it. Ten minutes before I was asleep – I thought it was still a dream!‘Ten minutes before I was asleep. I thought I was still in a dream.’Matteo Guendouzi on the moment he received his first ever France call-up 🇫🇷😁— Metro Sport (@Metro_Sport) September 2, 2019 Metro Sport ReporterMonday 2 Sep 2019 8:04 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link6.5kSharescenter_img ‘The coach and I, we had a good talk, he explained it well. That’s it, he told me I was in the national team of France. It’s a dream. I’m glad I just showered for the sake of my awareness.’Asked how he reacted, he added: ‘My eyes were wide open. I think coach Sylvain Ripoll can better describe the reaction I had than me. It’s a big surprise for me today.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Comment Advertisementlast_img read more

Pennsylvania Moves Forward with Methane Regulations Despite Trump Rollbacks

first_imgPennsylvania Moves Forward with Methane Regulations Despite Trump Rollbacks SHARE Email Facebook Twitter September 17, 2019center_img Environment,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – As the federal government continues its irresponsible rollback of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Governor Tom Wolf is committed to protecting Pennsylvanians from the long-term effect of unfettered methane releases by putting in place strong rules that will prevent methane leaks in Pennsylvania’s natural gas sector.“We’re already seeing the results of climate change in Pennsylvania – increased severe weather, oppressively hot summers and record-setting temperatures,” said Gov. Wolf. “While the White House continues to do everything in its power to pull back environmental regulations, I am fighting for policies that move Pennsylvania forward in addressing climate change and protecting our shared environment.”Last year, Gov. Wolf moved forward with a Methane Reduction Strategy, including finalizing some of the first permits in the nation to set a threshold on methane emissions from new unconventional gas wells and other infrastructure, and proposing new regulations to reduce methane emissions from existing wells and infrastructure. The permits set thresholds on various types of air pollution, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Operators will be required to meet federal new source standards and state Best Available Technology (BAT) included in the permit conditions for equipment and processes to control pollution emissions. The permits assist businesses by helping them control methane emissions that cost them money while supporting a clean environment for all Pennsylvanians.“We are moving forward on many fronts to tackle climate change and reduce our emissions footprint and expect to have the rule proposed at the Environmental Quality Board before the end of the year,” said Gov. Wolf. “While these commonsense requirements have already been adopted by many leading natural gas companies, the new regulation of existing sources will ensure that all companies operating in the commonwealth take responsibility for preventing methane leaks and reducing emissions.”Gov. Wolf’s commitment comes as the federal government is removing requirements for oil and gas companies to monitor and fix emission leaks from pipelines, wells, and other equipment. Methane has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the second-most prevalent greenhouse gas emitted in the United States from human activities, and a quarter of methane is produced by the natural gas and oil industries. Reducing methane emissions leaks is an essential step in addressing global greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change.More information about Gov. Wolf’s Methane Reduction Strategy can be found on the Department of Environmental Protection’s website.last_img read more

Winners of Digicel’s Text to Win, ‘Track Star Game’, walk away with $1,000 each

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Share Sharecenter_img 56 Views   no discussions LocalNews Winners of Digicel’s Text to Win, ‘Track Star Game’, walk away with $1,000 each by: – December 13, 2011 DIGICEL’S TEXT TO WIN, ‘TRACK STAR GAME’, lucky winner Isaac Ettienne of Penville receives $1,000 cheque from Digicel’s Sales and Marketing Manager Nathalie Walsh. Digicel, Dominica’s Bigger, Better network today announced Mr Isaac Etienne of Penville and Ms Jo Anne Commodore of Pottersville as the first two lucky winners of this month’s ‘Text to Win’ competition, walking away with $1,000 each in cash.Mr Etienne and Ms Commodore were both contacted on November 24th by Digicel’s Marketing Executive, Calvia Timothy. Mr Issac commented that this was his second time being a lucky Digicel winner and that the prize had come at a very opportune time ahead of Christmas. Amazingly, Ms Commodore, a Digicel postpaid customer, said; “WOW! This cash prize comes as a great surprise to me as it is my second time being a lucky Digicel winner.”Digicel’s monthly ‘Text to Win’ competitions give customers the chance to win monthly prizes and cash. November’s competition saw customers texting the word ‘MILES’ to 7171 to be in with a chance to win a fantastic cash prize. With this month’s ‘Text to Win’ competition, Digicel is giving four lucky customers a chance to win EC$1000. Each week, one lucky winner will walk away with $1000 cash. There is no restriction on the number of entries, so the more times customers text ‘MILES’ to 7171, the more chances they have to win.Digicel Dominica’s Marketing Manager, Nathalie Walsh, said; “Digicel is delighted to be delivering the very best value to its customers across the country by bringing early Christmas presents to lucky customers each week. Congratulations to our lucky winners, Isaac Etienne of Penville, and Jo Anne Commodore of Pottersville, and we look forward to giving away many more prizes in the coming months.”In addition, Digicel recently launched its Christmas promotion themed “Spell Digicel and Win”. The ‘Spell Digicel and Win’ promotion offers all Digicel customers a chance to win cash and prizes weekly and the chance to be one of two finalists who will win cash prizes up to $25,000 each in December and January. Digicel prepaid customers simply have to top up by $15 or more and will receive a text message with a letter from the word ‘Digicel’ and postpaid customers simply ensure their accounts are paid to automatically qualify for the weekly draw. Customers who spell D I G I C E L will be automatically entered into the Grand Draw. Postpaid customers must pay their bill in full and on time to receive an entry. In addition postpaid customers will gain an entry for every $15 paid towards their bill. Press ReleaseDigicel Dominicalast_img read more

Nwakali rejoins Olympic Eagles’ camp

first_imgRelatedPosts Abia Warriors appoint new head coach Yobo doesn’t need coaching experience to be on Eagles bench — Bosso Breaking: U23 AFCON: Olympic Eagles keep hope alive, sink Zambia Midfield maestro Kelechi Nwakali is the latest player to join the camp of Nigeria’s U23 boys, Olympic Eagles, in Abuja as the team intensifies preparations ahead of the 3rd Africa U23 Cup of Nations holding in Egypt early next month.  The former U17 World Cup-winning captain who plays for Spanish side SD Huesa was among the players that took part in Thursday’s morning training session at the National Stadium training pitch, supervised by Coach Imama Amapakabo and his assistants.The mercurial midfielder played an integral part in the qualifiers as the team dispatched Libya and Sudan to book a slot in the U23 AFCON finals.Nigeria’s U23 squad open their campaign against Cote d’Ivoire in the tournament on 9th November in Cairo before taking on Zambia on 12th November and South Africa on 15th November. All their matches will hold at the Al Salam Stadium.Winners, runners up and third placed teams will represent Africa in next year’s Men’s Olympic Football Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.  The fiesta is expected to last for two weeks, from 8-22 November, 2019.Tags: Imama AmapakaboKelechi NwakaliOlympic EaglesSD Huescalast_img read more